Ghost Stations

by Roger Palmeri

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released March 22, 2009

Written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Roger Palmeri
All lyrics (except Light Shards) and cover design by Avril Palmeri
Cover photo by Nino Palmeri

© 2009 R. Palmeri (BMI)


all rights reserved



Roger Palmeri UK

Musician, composer, guitarist.

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Track Name: Quiet Days
In the cold October sun
She looks for what is gone
Recognition she was owed
No one seemed to know

Fading light, the day will end
Another year gone by
Perhaps it’s time to tell the tale
Of how she took a life

Or was it just a thought she had
Remembering a dream
To break the silence with an act
That no one would believe

An open book against her heart
Pages turning gray
Keep it close, without a word
Until the quiet fades

Look for a place to go
Out of the cold
Stories are locked away
And safe
We’re just watching
The time go by
As we slip through
Quiet days
Track Name: No Trace
See it through
Another’s eyes
Finding love
That never dies

Touch her arm
But leave no trace
If she could see me
Would she wait

Another week
I say the lines
Finding passion
Every time

If this is real
How will I know
Come alive
For another show

Think of me
Years from now
Wonder if
I’ll be around

In a world
That tries too hard
A simple tale
Is all I want

Look ahead
And try to read
Between the lines
For what I need
Track Name: Dream of Winter
The water’s cold
But I don’t feel
The freezing miles
That lie beneath

The creaking ice
As I pass through
With tired breath
I know the truth

Looking back
I’ll recall
Those who told me
This would come

I’ll keep moving
Holding on
To a winter
That’s never gone

That’s never gone
Track Name: Across the Nighttime
Watch the lights fade to the distance
Alone on a darkened road
No one to call or come searching
This time you’re on your own

Cast a shadow a roadside stand
The sun breaks through the dark
The sky’s on fire with unspoken plans
You wait for the day to start

Remember each day like it was real
The memories linger on
Look around for a new idea
Before your time is gone

Turned so many corners
Knows a little about life
How it slips to entice
Us closer every time

Same old song what’s it all about
Track Name: Trying to Hide
Left his coat
By the door
Growing faded
And worn
Never meant
To stay so long
He’d grown tired
Of being alone

Work to see
Another day
Growing older
On the way

On the porch
Feel the breeze
Watch the road
She appears…She appears

When he looks
Into their eyes
He knows what
They’re trying to hide
Track Name: Out in the Hills
Out in the hills away from home
Have another drink to keep me warm
Through smoky air I hear them talk
Of a troubled past and words of hope

The tales are told many times
‘Til I know every line
In the web we are caught
We only see the smallest part

The voices fade as I go
Grab my things close the door

Out in the hills away from home
Stayin’ awhile then movin’ on
Track Name: Running Away
Climb the fence
Jump inside
Then run away
With what we find

Hours pass
And we grow tired
Do we run away
Or just stay quiet

We were kids
Who soon grew up
Running away
Wasn’t enough

Always something
Left to chance
Afraid of losing
What we never had
Track Name: The Magician
Need distraction in my life
Magic has an open mind

Guess which card’s in the pack
Another look, put it back

Sleight of hand, illusion timed
Turn a penny to a dime

I believed the tricks I saw
Though I’ve seen them all before

Nothin’ is as it seems
Don’t believe all I’ve seen
Track Name: Light Shards
See the light shards
Through the trees
As I run home into those arms
From a life that’s not for me

In a well
Just off the mountainside
See the faces urging me on
To grasp the time gone by

Found my stride
Know what it’s gonna be
Looking back over the land
I know I’ll never leave

We’ll go on
Strong as we ever were
All those words nothing now
As she takes my hand in hers

Footsteps in a howlin’ wind
They tried to take me
I came back again